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To Be Loved♥

When you slowly start hating someone you were friends with.



people who feel comfortable pooping anywhere other than their house are not to be trifled with




i wanna be a reverse tooth fairy where i rob people and then scatter human teeth on their bed

a dentist

i dont know what your dentist is doing to you but i think you need to go to the police


today i saw a scene couple in the hallway at school and the girl literally stopped kissing him so she could scratch his face and meow into his ear and he barked back i do not pay taxes for this shit 

#YouAndI 3 Days To Go … 1DHQ x


yeah mom im ok i just dont want to be alive haha





"When I got my first cat, it changed me. There is something about holding a cat that makes your anger melt away. And if someone does something that upsets me—I have to remember my cat. I can’t keep my cat if I get into trouble.”

"I asked if Major Cabanaw had concerns for the safety of the cats. “Of course, we always want to ensure the safety of the cats, and the staff is great about keeping an eye out for them. But mostly, it’s the offenders keeping them safe. I have never once seen an offender kill his own cat. We screen them to be sure they have no history of animal abuse. But I’ll tell you this, there was a guy killed in here because he had spit soda pop onto someone else’s cat.”"



bee movie is rated pg for parental guidance


This world map in coins is made by Bedow; each continent is represented by coins from its own countries.

im kinda happy but i also really wanna get hit by a car at the same time



Kait. 16. Junior. Wisconsin.
Cats >> Anything
"Heartache doesn't last forever i'll say I'm fine. Midnight ain't no time for laughing, when you say goodbye."

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